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Class orders have been placed at the bookstores for the following books:

William H. Baugh et al., United States Foreign Policy Making:  Process, Problems, and Prospects; (University of Oregon, Harcourt College Publishers:  2000)

Annual Editions, American Foreign Policy 01/02 (seventh edition; Guilford, CT:  Dushkin/McGraw-Hill, 2001)

John G. Stoessinger, Why Nations Go to War (Eighth Edition; Boston, MA: St. Martin's Press, 2001)

It is very advisable to have ready access to the books listed above.  To do well in this course you will need to read the assignments.  Though this is an introductory course, it is a readings oriented course.  If you don't read the assignments, you won't get a good grade--it's that simple.

We will also utilize the internet heavily in this course.  Most students should have ready access through the library or through their dorms, homes etc. of the internet.  If you have trouble accessing the internet or are not "internet literate", please let the instructor know and some time can be set aside to help you with some cursory information to get you "internet literate."  Research assignments will be assigned from the internet, so it is important that this is addressed immediately.

Class Meetings

Although the instructor will provide information and lecture on the material, this course is designed to operate heavily on the readings.  Due to this approach, as I stated before, it is essential that the student READ the assignments.  To facilitate and encourage discussion, students will be assigned as discussion leaders on specific topics that relate to the course material.  Due to this, participation is a large part of the course grade.  Discussion leader's preparation will be graded as well as discussion in class. 

Quizzes are possible.  Which means in straight terms, "oh yeah, you are gonna have quizzes."  As a general rule, there are usually five quizzes over a semester and the lowest can be dropped.  Now this means if you take all five, you can drop the lowest and the rest are averaged.  However, if you miss a quiz, there are no make-ups.  This is a class participation activity and if you aren't there, you can't participate. 

That brings us to attendance.  What is my policy?  When in doubt, come to class.  Attendance is important in this class to do well, and cuts beyond three will have a negative impact on your grade.  Do yourself a favor and come.  It's the easiest way to cushion your grade.

Outline of Assignments


To be inserted



There will be four in-class, closed book, exams during the course.  They will consist of multiple choice, matching, and essays.  Each exam will be allotted the entire class period.  The instructor will advise what areas will be covered on the exam, and what parts of the outline to study.  Dates for exams will be announced. 

Make-up exams will be given without penalty only in circumstances that are well documented and serious.  All make-ups will take place as allowed by the instructor.


Each student will research and write a paper (7-10 pages) about the one of the case studies that will be be examining and how it has effected present day American Foreign Policy.  Internet sources are allowed and internet research is encouraged.  However, internet sources must be balanced with actual library research.  More details on paper guidelines can be accessed from the main site on the link titled "paper guidelines."  You must follow the paper guidelines closely.