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Your Professor



Ms. Debra Jones-Price

Office:                  NQ 240

Office Hours:       By appointment only

Telephone:         (765) 285-8780


All messages for the instructor can be directed through the main Political Science office.  All message will be relayed in a timely manner.  The best way to get ahold of me is by email, or if you have access to AOL instant messenger either through AOL or on the internet, you can instant message me when I am online and ask me questions.

I intend to schedule online chat/study sessions through Yahoo groups.*  This will allow you the greatest access to me and I will announce when these sessions are available.  They will serve as office hours and will usually be in the evenings.  If you need to reach me immediately, leave a message with the Political Science office and they will contact me during the day.  I do not have regular office hours at the school for I work elsewhere during the day.

(*please go to yahoo groups and get a screen name if you do not already have a yahoo screen name.  Then you may join the yahoo group assigned for our class.  It will be called POLS290.) Chat sessions will be announced in class.