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Course Overview


Course Description

Political Science 290 is a survey of major factors in foreign policy formulation, an introduction to the process United States foreign policy making, and an analysis of relevant American Strategic doctrine.  Examination of historical trends and case studies will be integrated with observation of current events to facilitate an understanding of American foreign policy.


Course Objectives

The purpose of this course is to educate students in the ability to study, observe and participate in discussion of U.S. foreign policy based on available course materials and research resources.  This course should lay the groundwork for study in International Relations and advanced study in International Studies.  When you leave this course you should be able to at least but not exclusively:

Evaluate trends in current events that relate to U.S. Foreign policy

Analyze text, materials and historical case studies to formulate opinions and understanding of foreign policy administration and how it relates to the U.S. position in the post cold war world.

Have a basic understanding of U.S. foreign policy objectives and motivations in select areas of the globe.


Course Rationale

Political Science 290 is an introductory course for the study of international relations.  Therefore, this course is designed specifically for a basic understanding of this subject area.  However, don't let this deceive you about the depth we will go in this course.  I want this course to be something you can use, whether you are a Political Science major or simply using this as an elective.  American foreign policy effects everyone and is a major part of our lives, whether we realize it or not.  It is important to be educated in this area so we may become a more sophisticated population and can understand what our leaders are doing on our behalf.  We must be vigilant and aware of the world around us.  This course will attempt to facilitate that awareness by studying what has gone before and what is happening now in foreign policy and how the United States plays its role in the world stage.